Producer  |  Songwriter

Young powerhouse of a singer. Incredible. Serious grit...

Crazy young talent from Nashville.

Album: Light In A Dark Place(2016)

Label: Label Name

Contribution: Writing

Song: "Song 1"

Song: "Song 2"


Working on new material for upcoming album


Norwegian pop star. Such a joy to work with. New music coming soon.


Cool edgy pop. With tons of attitude. An amazing dark voice. Love it!


Super cool you duo from Philadelphia. Such great guys, and such great energy!


Such an amazing talent. Incredible writer and singer. Look out for this guy!


Young American artist. Super cool voice and attitude. This guy is a star!


Super cool Australian duo. Really awesome guys.


Incredible singer and writer. Such a huge voice. And so much heart!


Great Australian band. Awesome guys and girls to work with. New album this year.


Amazing voice and charisma. Writing some exciting stuff!


Spanish super star. Such a joy to work with. Got some great music cooking.

Another incredible talent from Sweden. Where do they get it from??